Thursday, May 24, 2018

Audience - Plural or singular?

Audience can be used with a singular or plural verb
Ex: The audience was/were cheering.
(Resource: Macmillan School Dictionary)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Reading (5)

I live in Uzbekistan. My favorite season is autumn. September, October and November are autumn months. It is usually warm in autumn. The rain often pours in November. We can have melons, watermelons, grapes and peaches. I like autumn.

Reading (4)

There is a big window in the kitchen. The door is brown. There is a fridge on the right. It is grey. The cooker is between the window and the table. It is black. The cupboard is near the wall.

Reading (3)

Read the article.
I have got a dad. His name is Anvar. I have got a mum. Her name is Sevara. I have got an uncle. His name is Izzat. I have got an aunt. Her name is Indira. I have got two cousins. Their names are Oybek and Yasmina.

Reading (2)

Read the article and answer the questions.
This is a tulip. It is small. The flower is red and beautiful. The leaves are big and green. You can see it in spring. We have tulips in the mountains and in our gardens. they need air, water and sun to live.
What is this?
When can you see it?
Where can you find tulips?
What do they need to live?


Read the article and answer the questions.
Ted has got a dog. His dog is big. Its colour is brown. Ted's dog likes running and jumping.
Who has got a dog?
What colour  is it?
What does Ted's dog like?

My best friend

I have a lot of friends but there is one best friend. His name is _____. He is ______ years old. He is my classmate (neighbour). He likes playing football, tennis and swimming. He is good at English. I am glad that I have such a friend.