Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vocabulary Task


1.     What a Briton calls a blizzard, would, in Illinois or Nebraska, be a _____, and a British heat wave is often a thing of merriment to much of the rest of the world.
2.     The most difficult wood wind instrument to master is the _____.
3.     A filament is the stalk of a _____.
4.     They seemed to sit there before him, embodied in the _____.
5.     The room was _____ arranged, if not richly furnished.
6.     It spoke of _____, though not of wealth, and was very charming and womanly.
7.     He was all wrapped up like a banana in his yellow _____.
8.     _____ were only for the better houses; here, the streets, alleys and even open doorways were toilets.
9.     People flung their scraps out of the window and at night in the poorly lit streets could be heard the _____ of rats.
10.Canals running through cities were to be used for barges and the underground _____ greatly resembled those of modern sewage systems.
11.Paths were to have _____ for the adequate drainage of the streets.
12.These jobs kept Leonardo from _____ about his rejections.
13.In Pavia one of the greatest libraries in all of Italy was in the _____ palace.
14.Not to mention the _____ of words you could get down between now and New Year’s Eve.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Learner from Learners:Correct all mistakes you find.

The is spring coming now . Today is 1/3 .The spring is starting. I am going school with my best friend Nicole. I'm finish the school. the clear is cold no hot!!
after school I went to the park to play. The warm is good.And....... oooops.I forget of mom`s birthey.I think I give the great spirngs flowers.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Vocabulary Task



1.       What a Briton calls a _____would , in Illinois or Nebraska, be a flurry, and a British heat wave is often a thing of merriment to much of the rest of the world.
2.       The hardest woodwind instrument to learn is the _____.
3.       Thomas Edison was a very _____ child, conducting his first experiment at the age of 3.
4.       Because J. P. Morgan has known as a reputable and _____businessman, he was able to persuade others to remain in the market even after the crash had begun.
5.       The copperhead, a snake that attacks without warning is regarded as much mere _____ than the rattlesnake.
6.       A _____ is the stalk of a stamen.
7.       Nations that share a border are, by definition, _____.
8.       For better or worse – mostly better in my opinion, _____ that I am – the Internet has Arrived.
9.       The counterrevolution has begun, and I feel _____.
10.   She looked at her husband out of her small,_____ eyes – looked at the tall, handsome, well-dressed man whose name she bore, yet who was so different to her in all ways.
11.   Now his voice was so soft, _____, brutal.
12.   But when he has stepped into his _____ he gave himself full sway.
13.   But this woman, without feeling, sentiment or beauty, even Death would not _____ to touch her.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Vocabulary Task



1.     Headdresses are made of feathers and grotesque faces and are often very _____.
2.     A couple of weeks after “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” was first published in November 2003, I met an old subeditor friend at a party who said he had once _____ a rather good comic routine around a martial art called Pungshway Shon in which the karate- style moves were derived from well-known punctuation marks.
3.     We even _____ phrases to express our sense of these differences, as when an English person, describes Italian as talking with their arms or Westerners refer to people from oriental countries as “insrutable”.
4.     In fact, it would appear that one of the beauties of the English language in that with even the most _____ grasp you can speak volumes if you show enough enthusiasm – a willingness to tootle with vigour, as it were.
5.     But the shoulder was indignantly withdrawn and the hardhanded son of _____ went to earth.
6.     He _____ a bit, but came up smiling, made a loose effort to brush the dust off his coat and legs, but a smart pass of his hand missed entirely, and the force of unchecked impulse slewed him suddenly around, twisted his legs, together, and projected him, limber and sprawling, into the lap of the Lord Longlegs.
7.     The sidewalks were merely long, deep _____, with steep snow walks on either side.
8.     A _____ fire was blazing on the hearth.
9.     Latin sentence is strictly _____.
10.From electronic libraries to the digitized _____ of an executed killer Networld! Covers everything that’s happening on the Net.
11.There can be no better preparation for a descent into Italy than a _____ among the upper Swiss valleys.
12.The residents of the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea have 100 words for yams, while the Maori of New Zealand have 35 words for _____ (don’t ask me why).
13.The aborigines of Tasmania have a word for every type of tree, but no word that just means “tree”, while the Araucanian Indians of cile rather more _____ have an abundance of words to distinguish between different degrees of hunger.