Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wheat Seed

A man planted a wheat seed.
-     What are you doing? Why are you putting me to the darkness? - exclaimed the seed.
-     It’s for good! –answered the man.
-     But I want to live forever!
-     You won’t die. You will be reborn and very happy!
-     Does it happen this way?
-     Of course! I have planted the seeds here for a long time!
The man finished his work and decided to rest. He looked at the ground and then at the sky.
Suddenly he thought of himself first time.

Monday, May 4, 2015

True Love

The Pond saw a Beautiful Lily and decided that she must be his. He offered her everything what he had –tender coolness of water in the heat, to swing on his waves.
The Beautiful Lily hesitated. The Bug who was hopelessly in love with her said:”Be careful! He will destroy you.” But the Lily did not believe him: “He is so strong, handsome and very mysterious. I think I’m going to accept his offer!”
“Look, what will happen to you if you do it!”-exclaimed the Bug. He jumped into the pond and disappeared in the waves of the pond. After that Lily understood what is true love…