Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CAESAR’S ASSASSINATION (Intermediate-Advanced)

1.     What do you know about Caesar and his time?
2.     Why do you think he was killed?
3.     Find definitions for the words below before reading the test:
·        Imperialistic
·        Instigate
·        Adoration
·        Civic
·        Irritated
·        Offspring
·        Regime
·        Assassinate
·        Calamity
·        Distinguished
This public adoration irritated the Republicans to the highest degree. They secretly charged Cæsar with encouraging or instigating this worship of himself, because they knew that his friends would not have proposed it unless confident that he would be pleased by it. Brutus and Cassius were at the head of these Republicans. Brutus, a stern Republican, a Roman in the noblest acceptation of the word, was reputed to be Cæsar’s son, the offspring of an adulterous love-affair, and was openly favored and distinguished by him. Cassius, a distinguished general, was much more prompted by jealousy and envy than by civic virtue and republican principle. When these two men and their friends became thoroughly convinced that Cæsar’s ambition would stop at nothing, and that the new imperialistic régime was to be permanent, they came to the conclusion that nothing but Cæsar’s death could prevent these calamities. They therefore resolved to assassinate him.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Good morning, my dear English learners! Today there is one of your favorite exercises.))) Find the mistakes and write correct answers in comments below.
Urang-gutan are mammal. The can climb very well. They ve got long and strong arms, brown fur and very big cheeks. They weigh from 40-85 kilos. Urung-gutan live in the tropical forests of Bomeo and Sumatra Indonesia and the eat fruit, nuts, leaves,eggs. The live four about 30 to 50 years.

LEARNING FROM LEARNERS! (Pre-Intermediate- Intermediate level)

Good morning, my dear English learners! Today there is one of your favorite tasks.)) Please find the mistakes in the text below.
Advanced “Novation Speaker”
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Baobab Legend (Intermediate-Advanced)

The Legend of the Upside-down Tree
A very, very long time ago, say some African legends, the first baobab sprouted beside a small lake. As it grew taller and looked about it spied other trees, noting their colorful flowers, straight and handsome trunks, and large leaves. Then one day the wind died away leaving the water smooth as a mirror, and the tree finally got to see itself. The reflected image shocked it to its root hairs. Its own flowers lacked bright color, its leaves were tiny, it was grossly fat, and its bark resembled the wrinkled hide of an old elephant.
In a strongly worded invocation1 to the creator, the baobab complained about the bad deal it’d been given. This impertinence2 had no effect: following a hasty reconsideration, the deity felt fully satisfied. Relishing3 the fact that some organisms were purposefully less than perfect, the creator demanded to know whether the baobab found the hippopotamus beautiful, or the hyena’s cry pleasant-and then retired in a huff behind the clouds. But back on earth the barrel-chested whiner4 neither stopped peering at its reflection nor raising its voice in protest. Finally, an exasperated creator returned from the sky, seized the ingrate5 by the trunk, yanked6 it from the ground, turned it over, and replanted it upside down. And from that day since, the baobab has been unable to see its reflection or make complaint; for thousands of years it has worked strictly in silence, paying off its ancient transgression7 by doing good deeds for people. All across the African continent some variation on this story is told to explain why this species is so unusual and yet so helpful. Taken with grateful acknowledgement from:

Vocabulary Notes: Read the text and guess the meaning of the words below.
1.     Invocation -
2.     Impertinence
3.     Relish
4.     Whine
5.     Ingrate
6.     Yank
7.     Transgression

Friday, November 25, 2016


I receive a lot of questions about vocabulary strategies. Everybody wants to improve vocabulary quickly and without much effort)))). I think both of these requests can be fulfilled with simple tips described below.
1.     You can’t improve your vocabulary without READING.
2.     Don’t forget to use your DICTIONARY.
4.     Learn 2-3 WORDS A DAY.
5.     Play some vocabulary games, such as crosswords, Scrabble.
That’s all. Isn’t it simple? Good luck! Any questions? Post them in comments below.