Friday, August 11, 2017

Why don't I feel envious?

Do you think it's possible not to feel envious? I don't and don't know why. I'm just happy for other people's achievements! What's wrong with me?)))

Thursday, August 10, 2017


"Silence has its own music; it is silence that enables us to see ourselves and the things around us".
I don't know who said it but it's my dream to experience it right now.

Friday, August 4, 2017


I am small and nearly round. I have a hard, brown shell. Inside, my  meat is brown, too. You like to eat me with a little salt. You get my meat by breaking my shell. What am I?

Thursday, August 3, 2017


    Mrs. Red Squirrel sat on the top of a tree;
    “I believe in the habit of saving,” said she;
    “If it were not for that, in the cold winter weather
    I should starve, and my young ones, I know, altogether;
    But I am teaching my children to run and lay up
    Every acorn as soon as it drops from its cup,
    And to get out the corn from the shocks in the field--
    There’s a nice hollow tree where I keep it concealed.

    “We have laid up some wheat, and some barley and rye,
    And some very nice pumpkin seeds I have put by;
    Best of all, we have gathered in all that we could
    Of beechnuts and butternuts grown in the wood;
    For cold days and hard times winter surely will bring,
    And a habit of saving’s an excellent thing.

    “But my children--you know how young squirrels like play,
    ‘We have plenty, great plenty, already,’ they say;
    ‘We are tired of bringing in food for our store;
    Let us all have a frolic, and gather no more!’
    But I tell them it’s pleasant when winter is rough,
    If we feel both to use and to give we’ve enough;
    And they’ll find, ere the butternuts bloom in the spring,
    That a habit of saving’s an excellent thing.”

 Write five sentences about Mrs. Red Squirrel, and the habit of saving.


 Little Miss Chestnut and her two sisters lived up in a tree in a  prickly green house. The house was as soft as velvet inside, but sharp  spikes on the outside kept away the squirrels, who would have torn down the house if they could.
 But soon Jack Frost came along. Jack does not mind fences, so he  knocked at the door of the Chestnut house.
 “Little Miss Chestnut,” he called, “are you ready to come out?”
 But little Miss Chestnut replied, “I am not quite ready yet, Mr. Jack.”
 So Jack went off to the house where Miss Hickory Nut lived. Miss  Hickory Nut lived all alone in a round green cottage.
 “Miss Hickory Nut,” he called “are you ready to come out?”
 But Miss Hickory Nut replied, “I am not quite ready yet, Mr. Jack.”
 So Jack went off to the low bush where Miss Hazel Nut lived in a soft  green tent. Miss Hazel Nut was already peeping out.
 “Miss Hazel Nut,” he called, “are you ready to come out?”
 And little Miss Hazel Nut replied, “I am quite ready, Mr. Jack.”
 So she dropped down and waited below the bush, while Jack went back  after the other nuts.
 Jack knocked once more at the chestnut house. Little Miss Chestnut  opened the door so quickly that she and her sisters fell to the ground. Then Jack knocked once more at the hickory house.
 Miss Hickory Nut opened the door so quickly that her house fell apart.  And all the other nut houses opened, and all the nuts came out to see  what was the matter.
 The next day the children went for a walk. As they walked in the woods  they spied the nuts.
 “See,” they said, “the frost has opened the chestnut burrs, and all  the other nuts must be out of the shucks.”
 1.Write answers to the following questions:

 What does Jack Frost do?

 Where does he paint pictures? (On the window-pane.)

 What colors does he paint the maple leaves?

 What colors does he paint the hickory leaves?

2.Write five sentences about nuts.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mr. Squirrel and the nut

One day as Mr. Squirrel went up his tree to bed,
    A very large hickory nut fell on his head.
    “Although I am fond of nuts,” Mr. Squirrel then did say,
    “I would very much rather they did not come that way.”


 It is cold in the fall.

 The wind blows hard.

 The trees are bare.

 The birds are gone.

 I like fall because I can play out-of-doors.
Do you like fall?

The Post Office

-What is a post-office?
Who has charge of the post-office?
Where is the post-office nearest your home?
 What do you see when you go to the post-office?
How do you get your mail?
Why do people write letters?
How do letters go from one place to another?
What is the stamp on a letter for?
How much does it cost to send a letter?
Who pays for sending a letter?