Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Dear vocabulary learners! Please read the article (I provided the link) and find the definitions for the words below.
1.     Atmospheric
2.     Ultraviolet
3.     Atmosphere
4.     Planet
5.     Rotation
6.     Gravity
7.     Terrain
8.     Buoyancy
9.     Rotate
10.                        Dynamics

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.     For while the King was aggressive, arrogant, domineering, in the consciousness of his power, the Archbishop was imperious, _____, and in consistent, inasmuch as he now boldly condemned what he had formerly counseled.
2.     In those days there were neither kennel clubs nor dogs exhibitions, and the high-flown English names, such as attach to the _____ blue-bloods of today, were unknown.
3.     He can’t be in _____ about it.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Riddles (Elementary-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear English learners! Can you answer these questions?
1. I am a word of five letters. Take away my first and I am the name of what adorns the estate of many of the nobility of England. Take away my first and second, and I am the name of a place where the entire world was once congregated. Take away my last, and I am the name of a beautiful mineral. Take away my two last, and I am the name of a fashionable place of resort. I am small in stature, but capable of doing a great deal of mischief, as I once did in London in the year 1666.
2. Spell eye-water four letters.
3. Why is swearing like an old coat?
4. Why is a thump like a hat?
5. Why is an inn like a burial-ground?
Answers: 1. Spark.
2. Tear.
3. Because it is a bad habit.
4. Because it is felt.
5. Because it is a resting-place for the traveler.

Some riddles (Elementary-Advanced level)

Good morning my dear English learners! Today there are some riddles for you. Can you solve them?))))
1.  Without my first you cannot stand,
  My second beauteous fair command;
  Together I attend your will,
  And I am your humble servant still.
2. Why ought a fisherman to be very wealthy?
3. Why is a man in debt like a misty morning?
4. Who was the first that bore arms?
5. There is a word of seven letters; the first two refers to man, the first three refers to woman, the first four signifies a great man, the seven a great woman.

1.       Footman
2.       Because his is all net profit.
3.       Because he is surrounded with dues (dews).
4.       Adam.
5.       Heroine.

Friday, January 20, 2017

More Riddles (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good morning! Hope you have a nice weekend despite cold weather.))) Here is some food for thought for you. Can you answer these riddles?
1. What fishes have their eyes nearest together?
2. What is that which is often brought to table, often cut, but never eaten?
  My first is four-sixths of a step that is long,
    My second is a person of state;
  My whole is a thing that is known to be wrong,
    And is a strong symptom of hate.
4. Why are your nose and chin always at variance?
1. The smallest.
2. A pack of cards.
3. Striking.
4. Because words are passing between them.