Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Morning (or My breakfast)

…The sausages were hissing in the frying pan. The smell of sausages and eggs always reminds me of my Soviet childhood. My father always said that he couldn’t imagine his breakfast without eggs as well as lunch or dinner without meat. He was a typical Soviet Russian man who enjoyed simple slow life and did his best to be a ‘real’ man. What did it mean for him and other thousands of Soviet men?
Rule#1 –men never cry even if it hurts very much either physically or mentally
Rule#2 –men prefer meat (as well as other animal proteins like fish and eggs) to sweets. Sweets are only for girls.
Everything must have been eaten with bread in order not to feel hungry soon again. It was the rule for everyone not only boys.
Rule #3 –men should not take much care about their appearance. All the decorations are only for girls.
Did you see that ideal men died with the USSR collapse and we lost more than the country?


  1. I personally miss my childhood, but I do not miss the Soviet Union, where all Soviet people lived in the darkness of their ignorance. We thought that our homeland is the very best, but it was because we did not know how people live in other countries.