Monday, May 4, 2015

True Love

The Pond saw a Beautiful Lily and decided that she must be his. He offered her everything what he had –tender coolness of water in the heat, to swing on his waves.
The Beautiful Lily hesitated. The Bug who was hopelessly in love with her said:”Be careful! He will destroy you.” But the Lily did not believe him: “He is so strong, handsome and very mysterious. I think I’m going to accept his offer!”
“Look, what will happen to you if you do it!”-exclaimed the Bug. He jumped into the pond and disappeared in the waves of the pond. After that Lily understood what is true love…


  1. The problem is usually we disappear for some period of time, and then we re-appear with additional problems that we need to solve (pessimistic point of view).

  2. Yes,it also happens.)))Thank you for your pessimistic point of view!)))Have a nice day!

  3. Love has to have unfullfillness ever.. Coz it never ends.. Even at its peak it seems that just started....
    Love is a heavenly thing on this world..... Life after physical death, there will be no time.
    Love is similar to that, no time dimension, never ending.....
    Yes....! True love is never ending.