Saturday, March 26, 2016

Meaning in the Context

Hello! Can you get the meaning of the word in the context?
She knew her work well – all the complications of drips and pumps, ventilators, and tubes held no fears for her.
Ella was whisking sheets smooth, when the doctor called her.
Anna, a convalescent appendix, had been quiet and uncomplaining.
The same study also found that having clear rules for member participation – some predefined, some negotiated by the group – also helped.
Some point to the design of online programs as a possible culprit.
The interested practitioner can also access online seminal articles on related topics such as literacy and civics.
To her millions of fans she epitomized the romance writer.
The patients, settling down for the night, were drinking the final dregs of the cocoa.
How could he talk about kippers when only a moment ago he had been kissing her?
The use of mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent, almost ubiquitous, in our everyday lives with devices such as mobile phones pervading every aspect of our daily routines and becoming as much part of the language classroom as pens, paper and course books.

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