Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bread and Yogurt

Bread and Yogurt
One day Hodja had 10 para to buy himself lunch with. He first went ino the bakery, handed 5 para over to the baker and asked for bread. As the baker gave Hodja the bread he asked for his money.
“I just paid you”, Hodja said.
“No, you didn’t pay me”, the baker insisted, “I didn’t see any money.” After a few minutes of debate, not being able to convince the bully baker, Hodja had to give in. He took out his other 5 para and gave it to him.
Left with no money at all, Hodja next entered the grocery store. He asked for a jar of yogurt. When the grocer asked for money, Hodja claimed that he had just given him 5 para. The good natured grocer had been a little preoccupied all morning, so he easily believed that he must have indeed taken the money and forgotten it.
Hodja took his provisions and sat under a tree. Before starting to eat his lunch, he raised his head towards the sky and said: “Sublime Allah, You know what really happened, You take 5 para from one and give it to the other.”

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