Friday, July 28, 2017

Vocabulary Task

level at
dumb down
housemaid’s knee

trapeze act

1.     As soon as Uncle Wiggily had sung this song, he looked up quickly from under his ______ umbrella to see if it had stopped raining, but it hadn’t, and he got a drop right in his left eye, which made him sneeze so hard that his spectacles fell off.
2.     Why I have not got ______, I cannot tell you; but the fact remains that I have not got it.
3.     Most especially there was a _____ lady, named Miss Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy, who liked Uncle Wiggily very much.
4.     He used to sleep in a hollow _____, near the nest of the tailor bird, and one night it rained so hard that he had to go to bed and pull the dried leaves up over him to keep warm.
5.     Summer continues _____ here.
6.     However _____ I may feel, I want to prolong the agony as long as possible.
7.     The children’s favourite part of the circus programme was the _____.
8.     He uses _____ to pick up vibrations under the earth, and so I call him Popo.
9.     The prince made no reply; so his _____ sat down to enjoy the sight of his dying victim.
10.Being still a child of earth, she clapped her hands and _____ with other children to the tower.
11.How can workplace _____ potentially save companies huge amounts of money?
12.Charges or corruption and unethical behavior have recently been _____ both Volkswagen and Rolls- Royce.
13.Dr. Spiers believes that modern technology is _____us ______ completely.
14.Many times as a child _____, you take your rangers on patrol.

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