Tuesday, April 21, 2015


What is death? Unexplainable grief, strong feeling of loss… And what if the person who died was one of the smartest, kindest person around you with excellent manners?
Death takes everyone but some people strive to it themselves because they see no need to stay in this world. This is horrible and very sad. Why does our society create such awful conditions that some people don’t even want to stay here and do their best to escape… Escape where? Nobody knows. Religions have their own explanations; non-believers say there is nothing after death. It may not really matter for people when they hear that someone who they loved, respected is dead. There is no him/her here at this very moment! Only this counts!


  1. I fully agree with this paragraph. The modern society is mostly indifferent and even sometimes cruel to the problems or sufferings of other people. Yet, sometimes there are people that cannot be silent or indifferent witnesses and they give the needed help at this very moment. Still, this is not enough...

  2. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  3. Its not matter of death. Life after death is the projection or extension of this world or life. There may be no bodies but soul never dies. No one dies after he is born, in this world or that world, only what counts is the who is YOU.

    Even with no bodies of our loved ones, we can still meet and contact them if we strive.

    At times, I intentionally imagine this universe or world, being on other side, in next life. I have always found this world too, a beautiful nice place with all my loved ones playing in innocence, and struggling.

  4. Thank you for sharing your opinion!