Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Skype’s Glitch

I don’t know what has been wrong with Skype since the morning. Everybody is sending me messages congratulating me on my birthday and wishing all the best! But my actual birthday’s 3 months later! I have been trying to change the settings but it’s not working. Oh, he also congratulates! What does it mean? Oh,nothing. He is just polite. Wait! He sent me a message that he wants to talk again! I’m so happy!
… we have talked to him for 3 hours and I did not notice the time! The time just flew! Oh,my! I feel so close to him even though the distance between us is thousands of kilometers! I always remember his face when he asked my email or Skype. It was our last meeting before my departure. Well, I’m sure he sees me only as a friend…
… He wants to come to visit me and, giggling, asked to be his guide! Of course, I agreed! He came 3 weeks later with a ring and proposed to me! I love Skype glitches!