Monday, May 30, 2016

Free e-books to read!!!

Good afternoon! Have some exciting news for you! I found some great sites with free books to read online or download:
1.  -The books are sorted by levels
2. – Modern fantasy genre loved by young adults (Thanks to my student Daniel from Israel)))


  1. Very useful cites for ESL learners. I was searching online version of the book “The Firm” last year and could not find it. Now, I have read adopted version at least!)))

    1. Glad to hear that!)Is it an interesting book?What is it about?

  2. There is movie which is based on this novel with starring Tom Cruise. The story narrates about a prestigious law firm with beneficial conditions that hires new employees very rarely. Moreover, there were 5 deaths of employees with unclear circumstances recently. Main character has graduated from Harvard and accepted a proposal in this firm. Afterwards, it is discovered a sinister dark side of the firm.