Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)

be bethroted to someone

1.     ______ are a building block in integrated circuit design.
2.     The willow wren with his army also came flying through the air with such a humming, and _____, and swarming that everyone was uneasy and afraid and on both sides they advanced against each other.
3.     He stared five minutes, ______ away his cigarette, cleared his throat, spat, and walked out of the zoo.
4.     He’d got it whole in the five minutes he’d watched it staring into infinity with a tiger’s terrible ______ and pride.
5.     Before joining the Rough Guides in 1984, he worked as a sailor on the Red Sea, and as a ______ dealer in Peru.
6.     Quite young she _______ the Dauphin of France, who became afterwards King Francis the Second, and she was married to him when a mere child.

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