Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fiction vocabulary for exams

Hi! How is your vocabulary growth? Do you work hard? Today I have three more words for you to revise!
a) flinging
b) giddy
c) caviller
1.     For my temptation to think it a right, I refer every _____to a brick house, sashed windows below, and casements above, in Highbury. ( Emma by Austen, Jane)
2.     He then immediately went upstairs and _____open the door of the chamber with much violence, awaked poor Jones from a very sound nap, into which he was fallen, and, what was still worse, from a delicious dream concerning Sophia. ( The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Fielding, Henry)
3.     The smell makes me _____. ( The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Lofting, Hugh)

 (Answers: 1.c; 2.a; 3.b)

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