Monday, August 22, 2016


1.     Why cannot a deaf man be legally convicted? – Because it is unlawful to condemn a man without a hearing.
2.     What is that which you can keep after giving to someone else? – Your word.
3.     Why are teeth like verbs? – Because they are regular, irregular, and defective.
4.     Why is a plum pudding like the ocean? – Because it contains many currants.
5.     What part of a fish is like the end of a book? – The fin is.
6.     When may a man be said to breakfast before he gets up? – When he takes a roll in bed.
7.     Why would it be impossible to starve in the desert of Sahara? – Because of the sand which is (sandwiches) there.
8.     What table has no legs to stand upon? – The multiplication table.
9.     Why is a dog biting his tail like a good manager? – Because he makes both ends meet.
10.                        What kind of cat do we usually find in a large library? – A cat alogue.

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