Tuesday, August 30, 2016


1.     What sea would a man like to be in on a wet day? – Adriatic (a dry attic)
2.     What grows the less tired the more it works? – A carriage wheel.
3.     What musical instrument invites you to fish? – Cast – a net
4.     What is it from which you may take away the whole and still have some left? – The word wholesome.
5.     What is the difference between a farmer and a seam stress? – One gathers what he sows, the other sews what she gathers.
6.     Why does the conductor cut a hole in your railroad ticket? – To let you pass through.
7.     What is that which is seen twice in “every day” and four times in “every week”, yet only once in a year? – The vowel e.
8.     Which are the only two words in the English language where the five vowels follow in successive order? – Facetious and abstemious.
9.     What word is there of eight letters which has five of them the same? – Oroonoko.
10.                         What word composed of five letters can you take the first two letters from and have one remain? –Stone

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