Monday, May 1, 2017


Camping in the Forest
Look at this story about a camping trip. Find the mistakes and correct them.

The grade 5/6 students were in school and teacher told them, the bus is already here and let's go camping because we have to leave at 9:15 am. So, the students went to the camping place and they put their camping backpacks on the top shelf inside the bus. The location is Cheif Hector Camp. Then they arrived at the Cheif Heactor Camp and they started putting their camping backpacks down and taking things out of them.

 Suddenly a student said “What if a bear would come out and eat us?" “It would not eat you if you did not touch it." the teacher said. "Ok everyone, let's get the things going and let's see where we are going to sleep." the teacher said. " It's getting cold out here! Let's make the fire pit." the teacher said. So the students went to grab some sticks and stones. Then the students went to wash their hands when the fire pit was done and everyone sat around it with sticks of marshmellows. The teacher began to tell a scary story to them. Then they slept in the long houses near the camp. The long houses  were divided into two sections. At the end of the next day the students went packing. Finially the bus came and drove them back to school. 

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