Sunday, April 30, 2017

Monkey Island

Nanwan Monkey Island is a state-protected nature reserve for macaque monkeys in Lingshui county on the south coast of Hainan, the southernmost province of China. While termed an island, the reserve is actually on the Nanwan peninsula bordering the Xincun harbour on the east and south. It is accessible by China's longest over-water cable car from Xincun, spanning 2,138 metres .
Since the nature reserve was established in 1965, the reserve has become a popular tourist destination. It is now home to approximately 2,000 monkeys. The reserve, totalling 1,000 hectares, is China's largest area for raising and training monkeys.

Key words:
1.      Approximately
2.      Reserve
3.      Span
4.      Peninsula
5.      Destination
6.      Accessible
7.      Tourist
8.      Cable
9.      Border
10.  Established

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