Monday, December 14, 2015

The Spider and the Star

The Spider wanted to have a falling star and he decided to catch it with his web.”It could twinkle at night and attract silly bugs,”- he thought.
He made a huge web in the forest but could not catch a star. He was able to catch a lot of different bugs though. But he paid them no attention. He only needed a star.
So he died of hunger and tiredness.
Or maybe of something else?


  1. let's hope that he caught a falling star :)

  2. let's hope that he caught a falling star :)

  3. it's a good, but very sad fable. Some people are like the spider.

  4. it is called perfectionism. or concentration on things which you do not need. or inflexibility. or idiocy.

  5. Sometimes the most important things happen and you can't understand. He needed survive, then he need to catch bugs.I think the spider died waiting for a star and didn't perceive the amount of bugs that had caught in his web. It's a question called "Be focused on". He died without percieve what should be the main focus... Orlando...

    1. I see.)))Thank you very much for your comment Orlando!Keep reading!