Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Wind (Anonymous)

I could barely sleep that night. Strange dreams and a heart pounding with excitement were enough to keep me only half-asleep. The dawn came soon, and with it, the time to leave home. Just as I stepped outside my place I could feel it, there it was, my long known friend, the wind.
I really can’t explain why, but it seems that the wind is always present in the most important moments of my life. Like a magical presence, reassuring me that things are going to be okay, that I am not alone. I remember feeling it blowing my tears away as they ran down my face when my heart was first broken. Or during my father’s funeral. Or even while I was walking down the aisle, starring at my – soon to be – husband’s eyes. In all those moments, there it was: that inexplicably comforting, yet invisible, presence. Some may think it is Gods presence, others may think it is just some coincidence. Be as it may, for me, it is a sign of life’s goodwill.
As I arrived at my destination I could barely listen to anything but the sound of my heart racing. My breathing was really accelerated and I was already really tired and in a lot of pain. Confused with fear and exhilaration, I was paralyzed inside my car. I couldn’t believe that in only a few hours I would finally meet my son. After all those months carrying him inside me, that long-expected moment when I would be able to look at his face was finally arriving.
Moving almost in an almost automatic procedure, I tried to calm myself down, got out of my car and started walking. And just as I took my first step outside, I felt it. That friendly gust of wind caressing my hair. Now with a smile on my face, I kept walking toward the door. 

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