Friday, December 2, 2016

Bread Legend (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Viennese Crescent Bread Legend
Viennese bread is noted for the fantastic shapes into which it is made, but  concerning the crescent shape the following legend is told: ‘Many years ago, when there was war between the Austrians and the Turks, the city of Vienna was besieged, and so closely invested that famine seemed inevitable unless the inhabitants yielded and surrendered to the hated Turks. One day a baker in his cellar noticed a peculiar noise, and, looking about, discovered that a boy’s drum on the ground in a corner had some marbles on the parchment, which every little while danced about and caused the odd sound. Surprised, he listened intently, and found that the noise was repeated at regular intervals. He put his ear to the ground and could distinguish a thumping sound, which, on reflection, he concluded must be produced by the enemy undermining the city. He went to the authorities with his story, but at first it was discredited. At last the general in command made an investigation, and found the baker’s suspicions correct. A counter-mine was made and exploded, and the Turks repulsed.  On the restoration of peace, the Emperor of Austria sent for the baker, and expressing his gratitude to him for having saved the city, asked what reward he could claim. The modest baker refused riches or rank, but only asked the privilege of making his bread hereafter in the form of the crescent, which had so long been their terror, so that it might be a reminder to those who ate it that the God of the Christian is greater than the God of the Infidel. So the Imperial order was issued granting the baker and his descendants the sole right to make their bread in the shape of the Turkish crescent.’
Key words - Find the definitions for the words below:


  1. Crescent means half moon or form of sickly.
    Baker a person who works in the bakery.
    Parchments this skin of wild animals for musical instruments.
    Reminder is a thing that causes someone to remember something.
    Discredit It's like mistrust or may be unbelief.
    Restoration means that restore or repair of something.
    Undermine it is something equipment which is utilize for explosions.
    Intently to be consentrate to the thing you are doing.
    Repulse I'm not sure maybe like retreat!!!
    Famine Its feeling when you want to eat something!