Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear vocabulary learners! I hope you have great New Year holidays and you will enjoy some of my vocabulary challenges during this time!)))

1.     For this period our knowledge of Latin depends almost exclusively upon the _____ inscriptions that have survived from this remote time.
2.     Although his words are ______ with the choicest art, yet they flow with rapidity and unpatrolled eloquence.
3.     No invading _____, though, brought news to his intent ears.
4.     The French girl’s face was set, and a _____ gleam shot from her eyes.
5.     Tiberius, the second of the Roman Emperors, lives immortal in history rather by his crimes than by his _____ deeds.
6.     She has a strong, I may say an ______ objection to being what she terms “ put upon”.

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