Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Doll’s House Extract

The Christmas tree is in the corner4 by the piano, stripped of its ornaments3 and with burnt-down candle-ends on its dishevelled6 branches. Nora’s cloak and hat are lying on the sofa. She is alone in the room, walking about uneasily2. She stops by the sofa and takes up her cloak1.
Key words:
1. cloak – a long thick loose coat without sleeves, that fastens around your neck
2. uneasy – someone who feels uneasy slightly nervous, worried, or upset about something
3. ornament – a small attractive object used for decoration or for making someone or something more beautiful
4.  corner – where two sides meet
5. disheveled -  something that is not in order, scattered
Why is Nora nervous?


  1. Perhaps Nora is nervous because she is waiting somebody or someone.

    1. Good guess but missed unfortunately! ...waiting FOR somebody...