Monday, December 5, 2016

Vocabulary Exercise (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.      I felt ______, and in the dark, and distrustful.
2.     He experienced some difficulty from the villagers of Balawat, as the ______ had been used by them for some years as a burial ground, and their scruples having been overcome, the result was the finding of these beautiful bronzes in fragments.
3.     The old Assyrians knew the value of irrigation in growing their crops, and the remains of _____ and hydraulic machines which remain in Babylonia bear witness to an advances civilization.
4.     Machines are constructed of _____, which slanted up to the height of two feet, and, disposed at right angles to the river; they conducted the water from 200 to 2000 yards into the interior.
5.     Both it and wheat are represented as growing in the same field, but the ______ is the taller of the two.
6.     Their cereals seem to have consisted only of wheat, barley, rye, and _____, but they cultivate leguminous plants, such as beans and lentils.
7.     The normal course of pre-historic man has followed – wheat and barley grew wild, were first eaten raw, and then _____.
8.     We shook hands, and he was so earnest and so kind that it made me quite _____.
9.     Why the parrot never die only of bite of cat or dog of other ______.
10.                        I was sitting in a _____ when a man came in and took his clothes off.

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