Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero (54-68)   was cruel and profligate1, guilty of the murder of his half-brother2, mother, and wife, and also of the deaths of numberless3 senators and citizens whose wealth he coveted4. Because he was an absolute ruler his corrupt officials were able to bribe and oppress his subjects as they wished until he was fortunately assassinated5. He was the last of his line, the famous House of Julius to which Augustus had belonged, and the period that followed his death was known as ‘the year of the four Emperors’, because during that time no less than four rivals claimed and struggled for the coveted4 honour.
1.     Wasting money or other things
2.     Who is a half-brother
3.     What other words with –less suffix do you know?
4.     To very much want something that someone else has
Can you find other synonyms for “assassinate”?