Sunday, March 26, 2017

Vocabulary Task


1.     Tracy’s devotion to Laura was discovered by an astute newspaper who ______ the world with a story captioned TRACY LOVES LAURA.
2.     The “News” charged that the “Mirror” had _____ a hoax on the citizens of New York, and that the dead tiger in their possession was not Tracy’s Tiger.
3.     The rest of the evening was spent in _____ how soon he would return MR. Bennet’s visit.
4.     Mrs Bennet _____ not to make any reply, but, unable to contain herself, began scolding Kitty.
5.     I honour your _____.
6.     I have been the marmots at the Changtang border, tried befriending Tarai bullocks, heard the bullfrog’s Call by Phewa Lake, and flown out of Jufaal’s _____ airstrip.

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