Saturday, September 13, 2014

Check your vocabulary(Advanced)

Soothing – making you feel more calm and more relaxed and less nervous, worried, or upset
One night stand – a situation in which two people have sex once and then do not have a relationship with each other
Abduct – to take someone away from their home, family etc using force
Hemlock – a poisonous plant with small white flowers
Humpday –Wednesday
Entitlement – the right to receive something
Discard – to get rid of something that you no longer want or need
Trump – to win  or to succeed, for example, in sports or business, because you have an advantage that your opponent does not have
Urge – a strong feeling of wanting or needing to do something
Groggy – feeling tired, weak, or confused, especially because you are ill or have not had enough sleep
Prop – a small object used in a play or film
Premeditated – a premeditated crime, bad action, unpleasant remark etc has been deliberately planned
Doze off – to start to sleep, especially during the day and without intending to
Condescending -  showing that you think you are more important/intelligent than other people
Insidious – dangerous

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