Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Controversial Statements

Feel free to share your opinion about controversial statements below.
1.     Beauty is only a matter of taste.
2.    Riches are for spending.


  1. Beauty attracts your emotion. Doesn't matter what or who change your thoughts. Beauty has lot of faces. You can fight against violence with beauty. There are really few people who are very rich. Your soul is really extensive Alla. And you are so generous.

  2. Sometimes a beauty person may look ugly because of his/her behaviour or attitude toward other people. When I was a child I had a male counsellor in a summer camp. He was young ugly man, but with great attitude toward us children. Eventually, after few weeks all the girls from our group, including me, fell in love with him because of his great personality. Still, if I look at the picture from the camp I just see an ugly young man, but I know he has the beauty inside of him.

  3. Natalia,
    Thank you very much for sharing with us!