Saturday, September 20, 2014

Goals, Objectives and Targets

The words goal, objective, and target have similar meanings.  Goals tend to belong – term and are often used to refer to company plans, for example. The word objectives is often used in more formal situations to refer to specific things people want to achieve (objectives of a meeting, for example). In both sales and purchasing, however, or whenever money or figures are involved, the most frequently used word is target. Here are some expressions with target:
To set a target
To be on target
To reach a target
To be above/below target
To exceed a target
To revise a target
Could you think of any expressions with goal and objective?


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  2. What is regarding the word - aim?

  3. The objectives of Occupational Specific Language Training are building strong communication skills in health care environment, providing and gathering information on client care, writing a progress note.
    The goal of my work provide clear evidence of something...

    What is regarding the word- purpose?