Thursday, September 18, 2014

UK or US?

Match the US words in the left-hand column with their UK equivalents on the right.
1.       broil
a.       pavement
2.       cell phone
b.      rubbish
3.       cookie
c.       handbag
4.       diaper
d.      petrol
5.       flashlight
e.      grill
6.       garbage
f.        windscreen
7.       gasoline
g.       mobile phone
8.       purse
9.       sidewalk
10.   windshield
h.      biscuit
i.         nappy
j.        torch
Answers:1. e,2. g, 3.h, 4.i,5.j.6.b,7.d,8.c,9.a,10.f


  1. Alla I think that there is a misspelling: diaper is not happy, but it's nappy

  2. Yes,right.Corrected.Thank you for your attention,Natalia!

  3. Good presentation on distinction between BE and AE. Well done!!! Kantesh

  4. I am glad that I am familiar with almost all the word you gave here ( except nappy).
    Thank you Alla!