Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Short Story for Elementary-Intermediate level

Tinklebell Tales
Frisk was a dear little dog. He belonged to Mistress Molly.  
One morning Molly said, “Now Frisk, I am going to the town, and you must stay and look after the house, for Mother is going out too.”
Frisk sat down in his little chair, and held his walking stick between his paws.
“No one shall steal the dinner while I am here,” he said. “Bow, wow!”
On her way to the town, Molly saw her cousin Tommy leaning over a gate.
“Oh, Tommy!” she said, “If you are passing our house, please look in and see how Frisk is getting on.”
And Tommy ran off at once. Frisk was glad to see Tommy, who gave him a good drink of water from a tub.  When Molly reached the town she went into the baker's shop to buy a loaf of bread.  But when she put her hand in her pocket she found her purse had gone!
“Don't cry, my dear,” said the baker.
And he left his shop, and went with Molly down the road. Very soon they found the purse with all the money quite safe inside.  Then Molly saw a shop with “SALE” printed in the window, and went in.
“Good morning, ma'am!” said the shopman. “What can I get for you?”
“I want some stockings, please,” said Molly.
“How do you like these?” said the shopman. “They are only one shilling the pair, because it is sale time!”
"They are lovely!" said Molly, “And the scarlet stripes just match my dress! Please make them into a tiny parcel, and I will put them in my pocket.” Then she paid her money, and set off home.
And what had Frisk been doing all this time? He soon grew tired of looking after the dinner, and spied his master's hat.
“Bow wow!” he said. “What fun!”
He poked his head into the hat, and though it came right down on to his shoulders he didn't mind a bit. He hopped into the garden on his hind legs, and when the birds saw him they thought it was a scarecrow come to frighten them away!
“Bow wow!” said Frisk. “I'm hungry!” He went back indoors, pushed the lid off the pot, and dragged out a bone. How good it was!
Then a tiny mouse scampered past, and Frisk pounced on it and killed it.
“Oh, Frisk, Frisk!” cried Molly, when she came home. “You naughty dog! I shall never be able to leave you in charge again!”
“Bow, wow!” cried Frisk. “Bow, wow! I'm very glad. For I'd much rather go to the town with you!”

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