Saturday, October 8, 2016


Dickie and Daisy sat on the grass reading. They had been gardening, and were rather hot.
“Let's go to the pond,” said Dickie. “Nurse isn't here to say 'don't.'”
“Let's,” agreed Daisy. She always agreed with Dickie.
“We'll get father's rod and line, and catch some fish,” said Dickie. So when no one was looking they got the things and ran to the water.
“You have the rod,” said Dickie, “and I'll have the hook. Don't make a noise or the fish won't come.” They sat quite quiet till there came a big tug at Daisy's rod, so big that it dragged her to the edge of the pond.
“Oh, Dickie,” she cried, “help me! I b'lieve I've caught a whale!”
But before Dickie could catch hold of her, in she went. The water ran into her eyes and mouth, and washed her curls quite straight.
Dickie was dreadfully frightened. He made a grab at her, and she made a grab at him. By the time she was safely on land both were nearly as wet as the other. Father's rod had disappeared.
“I think we'd better go home,” sobbed Daisy.
Mother didn't wait to ask questions. She hurried them into nice warm nighties, and popped them into bed. Dickie was soon all right, but Daisy caught a cold. When Dickie got up he put on his spectacles and brought out his watch. He put his fingers on the little thumper in her wrist.
“You must stay in bed” he said, “and take Lemon Squash. Lemon is good for coughs, so you won't get one, and Squash will squash all the other poorliness out of you.”
When Father heard he was very cross. He said, “If you go near the pond again I shall buy another kind of rod, and use it too.”
But they had had enough of water, and didn't enjoy their Saturday tub for a long time.

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