Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bunny and Chick, or Sulky Sammy (Elementary-Intermediate level)

“Sulky Sammy,”—that's what they called me. I live in a stable, in a big farmyard, and everybody used to say I was the most disagreeable little puppy dog they knew!
One morning I was having a drink of water when two other little pups came along.
“Will you come and have a game?” they said.
But I had a fit of the sulks on, and didn't want to play with anyone, so I frowned, and said nothing. Close by Chick was having breakfast with her sisters, and I heard her say, “There's Sulky Sammy—disagreeable again!”
I don't like Chick. Mother often says to me, “Oh, Sammy! How I wish you were as sweet and gentle as Chick!” And Master Mousie tells his friends Mrs. Puss, and her three little kittens, long stories of Chick's goodness, and my naughtiness and sulks.
One day I chased Chick out of the farmyard, and left her all alone in a big field.
I hoped she would never come back any more, but Mr. Tortoise found her, and asked Bunny and his brother to take her home. That nasty Bunny told everybody what I had done. So Mr. Turkey chased me out of the farmyard. In a field I met such a funny man. Two birds sat on his arms, and one said, “Everyone would be quite fond of Sammy if he only left off being disagreeable!” I trotted home, and began to try at once. Nobody ever calls me “Sulky Sammy” now.

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