Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wideawake Willy (Elem-Int. level)

His real name was Willy. But because he was always on the look-out for any fun or mischief, Father and Mother called him "Wideawake" as well.
One sunny day he and his little friends went out to play cricket.
“I'm going to make a hundred runs!” cried Willy, as he took up the bat.
But when he had made ten, Freddy bowled him out, and the other boys were glad it was their turn to go in.
In the winter, father made a big slide, and Willy and the boys went down it as fast as they could go. When he fell half way down, Willy thought it great fun, and called to his snowman as he glided past, “Look at me old fellow! Don't you wish you could slide?”
On his birthday he had a party. It was a merry time. They played “Blind Man's Buff,” and “Puss in the Corner,” and Willy always managed to catch the little girls by their long curls.
It was spring when Wideawake Willy went exploring. He shot his Teddy Bear, and tied it up in a scarlet handkerchief, for he knew explorers ate bears. Then he stuck a long feather in his hat, and strode gaily down the road. Presently he came to a big house. The door was open, and a lady asked him to go in. She showed him all sorts of wonderful things.
What he liked best was Chin Chan, the Chinese boy, whose long pig-tail touched the floor. The lady told Willy that in China he lived in a boat, and helped his mother look after the chickens.
After seeing other Chinese people, he went home and told his mother what strange things he had seen.

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