Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Silly Billy and the Kittens --Elem-Int.

“I want some milk,” said Kitten Number One.
“So do we,” said his brothers, and away they pattered to the yard, where they found a lovely saucer full.
“Saucers are too babyish for me,” said Kitten Number One, “I shall drink out of the jug.” And up on the table he jumped.
Along came Silly Billy, the kid.
“You will never do it like that,” he said. “Bite a hole in the jug, like this.”
What happened then, you can plainly see by the picture, and it is the kind of thing that does happen when Silly Billy comes along.
When the Kittens and Silly Billy were safely out of the way, Mr. and Mrs. Whiskers popped out of their front door.
“Milk, milk, I sniff milk,” squeaked Mrs. Whiskers, and she began to drink up every drop she could find, while poor Mr. Whiskers sat and cried because he could not find any.
But he soon dried his tears when they got to the scrap heap, where they ate till they were like little round barrels.
Meanwhile, Silly Billy had told the kittens of a lovely plate of food, outside the kennel where Jack lived.
And the foolish kittens hurried to it, and began to eat as fast as they could.
Out of his kennel came Jack, with a mighty shout, which sent the kittens rolling over with fright. They never tried to eat Jack's dinner again, and it was a long time before they quite forgave Silly Billy for being so silly.                                                                       

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