Monday, October 3, 2016

Learning from learners! (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good morning dear learners!  Today I would like to start a new type of task for you! I’m sure you will like it!)) It’s called “Learning from learners”.  Look at a learner’s letter to a pen friend about tipping. There are some mistakes in it. Find them and correct them (You can write in the comments below).
Hi, Anton!
I’m happy for receiving an email from you. I’m waiting for your trip to my country. I’ve prepared some cool places to you to visit!
Anton, don’t worry about tips while being in my country. In my country we don’t have to give a tips. Because  in my opinion everything is already included to the price you pay. Do not give a tips especially to taxi drivers  they’re going to ask more money. So you would alredy given more money. Nah!!
Anyway our country’s people are not get used to give tips.
Anton, see you on Friday. I writed as fast I can. Bye


  1. In my country we don't have to give tips. Do not give tips, especially to taxi drivers. So you have already given more money. anyway our country's people do not get used to give tips. I will write as soon as I can.

    1. Unknown: Good job!Thank you very much for your comment!

    2. Dear Alla, do you post any new task “Learning from learners”?
      It will be great if you continue posting new task.

    3. G:
      OK,sure.I'm going to post new tasks of this type. I'm working on them.Keeping checking!