Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Vocabulary Challenge: Group nouns (Intermediate-Advanced nouns)

Good evening, my dear vocabulary learners! Here is a new challenge for you! Match group words with the animals. Write your answers in comment below:
1.                 An ascension of                                       a) larks
2.                 A bask of                                                   b)crocodiles
3.                 A bloat of                                                  c) hippos
4.                 A caravan of                                             d) camels
5.                 A clutch of                                                e)chicks
6.                 A conspiracy of                                        f) ravens
7.                 A crowd of                                                g) people
8.                 A culture of                                               h) bacteria
9.                 A dropping of                                           i) pigeons
10.            A fall of                                                      j) woodcocks

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