Sunday, November 6, 2016

Medical case (All levels)

One day in one city one family went to one famous clinic where a very famous Professor was giving consultations.  The family was met by a nice woman who took the money (the price for consultation was very high!) and asked to wait.  
…After waiting for 3 hours the family was told that the doctor is tired and needs to have some rest for 2 hours as the famous Professor is 80 years old!


  1. One day in SOME city A (one of many) family VISITED a WELL-KNOWN clinic WHEN consultations WERE HELD BY a very famous professor. The (now the story is about this particular family) family was GREETED by a PLEASANT (how do you know she was nice?) woman, who took the PAYMENT (the FEE for the consultation was QUITE high!), and WERE asked to wait.
    ...THREE HOURS LATER, the family was told that the PROFESSOR (be consistent!) is tired, and FOR THE NEXT TWO HOURS WANTS TO GET SOME REST; the famous Professor WAS 80 years old!
    This is how it would be in the true vernacular English. The above version is so-called "Russian way" of telling a story.

    1. Thank you very much for your improvement!