Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to keep vocabulary notebook for IELTS

A lot of people ask me questions how to improve vocabulary quickly while preparing for IELTS. It’s not so difficult as it may seem. One of the variants is to keep a vocabulary notebook. I think that a loose leaf notebook is best, or you can even keep it online (for some advanced technology learners)))). Here are some tips:
1.     Learn words by their word families. By word families I mean all parts of speech. It means when you learn 1 word with all parts of speech your vocabulary will boost with 5 words!!!
2.     Write sentences with the word in context, use word association to help you.
3.     Work with Thesaurus and write the opposite meaning of the word and synonyms (if appropriate).
4.     Take notes of some grammar changes. For example, irregular verbs, nouns with spelling changes in plural forms, etc.
5.     The more you use the notebook the better.)))

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