Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Multiple Choice Quiz (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good evening my dear vocabulary learners! Today I have a short multiple-choice quiz for you to check your vocabulary (Feel free to comment below):
1.     Wince
a.     To react to something with a sudden expression on your face that shows you are embarrassed or feel pain
b.     Similar to something
c.      Evidence which supports what someone has said
d.     Hard to accomplish
2.     Startle
a.     To make a person or animal feel suddenly frightened or surprised by doing something that they do not expect
b.     Produce, cause to occur
c.      Supply,provide
d.     Hard to accomplish
3.     Exasperate
a.     Cause great irritation to
b.     Inhabit or overrun in unpleasantly large numbers
c.      Great injustice; wickedness
d.     Lie in wait for and accost or attack
4.     Perdition
a.     Spiritual ruin
b.     Speed, eagerness
c.      Dispose of (property) as in a will
d.     Very steep cliff or rock face
5.     Stern
a.     Severe, strict
b.     Craving great qualities of food; insatiably eager
c.      To put a number on each page of a book or other document
d.     Cold and typical of winter

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