Wednesday, November 23, 2016

LEARNING FROM LEARNERS (Elementary- Intermediate)

 Good evening, my dear English learners! Today you have a testimonial to correct. Please write the mistakes found in comments.

Testimonial: Aleksandr
I’ve known him since 2012 year. I admire him for his witty. He is very clever, modest, ambitious. He is like and soul of the party. He studies at the university. I made friend with him when I studied at school. He always help me. For example he helps with my homework. I proud him because he is very responsible and cpmmunicative. He can make a friend with a lot of kind of people. I appreciated him because of his gentle, kind, frank. He can tell me a lot of secrets and I can save his secrets. He is person of strong character and I can rely on him in difficult situation. He always keep one’s promise. But he has a bad side of his person. He can lie to see about something but rarely cases he always tell me a truth.

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