Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Dog and the Wolf; Or, BE CONTENT WITH YOUR LOT(Elementary- Intermediate level)

A lean, hungry wolf was prowling about in search of supper, when he met a big well-fed mastiff. “How do you manage to look so sleek, when I, who work ten times as hard, am half-starved?” inquired the wolf.
“Oh,” said the dog, “I watch the house at night and sleep all day.”
“Just the thing for me,” said the wolf, “but first tell me, what is that mark round your neck.”
“That's only made by my collar,” answered the dog. “I am chained up all day. They say I may bite, but that is all nonsense.”
“Good-bye,” said the wolf, turning back. “Chained up, indeed! No, thank you.”

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