Friday, November 4, 2016

A Day at the Farm (Elementary-Intermediate level)

It was Margery's and Trixy's birthday; they were exactly the same age, so they had only one birthday between them, but they had always gone shares in everything as long as they could remember, so they were quite happy in sharing their birthday. And what a splendid birthday this one had been! First of all, they had been allowed to choose their birthday treat, which was to go to Woodcote Farm.
They had driven to the farm in the morning, sitting on the box-seat of the waggonette by John, and as soon as they arrived they had gone all round the farmyard, and looked at the dear little ducks and chickens, and every other living creature on the place. They had well shaken the apple tree and filled their pockets with lovely rosy apples. After dinner they had gone out into the big field to have a game with old Dobbin. Dobbin seemed to understand that the children wished to catch him by his long tail, and would stand still until they nearly touched him, and then with a toss of his head would gallop off to the other side of the field, followed by the children, until at last, quite out of breath, they had flung themselves down under the willow by the side of the little stream.
The afternoon was warm, and Trixy was surely getting a little sleepy, when Margery suddenly jumped up. “Come, Trix,” she said, “I hear the waggonette;” and off they ran as fast as they could.                                                          


  1. The text needs some Grammar improvement.

    1. This text was borrowed from one of kid's books from Gutenberg library.