Monday, November 14, 2016

Can you guess the difference? (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear vocabulary learners! Today I have a tricky task for you! What is the difference between these pairs of words? Comment below!
1.     Contemptible/contemptuous
2.     Emigrate/immigrate/migrate
3.     Eminent/imminent
4.     Historic/ historical
5.     Lay/lie
6.     Regrettably/ regretfully


  1. 1.The -ible ending means "able to." Contemptible, then, means "able to be scorned, worthy of contempt." It refers to the person or thing the contempt is aimed at, while The –ous ending means "full of," so contemptuous means "full of contempt, showing scorn." It refers to the person or thing showing the scorn.
    2) emigrate-exit current homeland, immigrate-come in to live, migrate-move to and back
    3)eminent describes anyone who's famous, while Imminent describes something that's about to happen
    4) Historic describes something huge that happened in the past, something that affected human history, while historical- something connected to the past
    5) to lie means “to rest,” “to assume or be situated in a horizontal position,” and to lay means “to put or place.”
    6) but regrettably is when it's not your fault, and regretfully is when you're full of it.But regretfully is more like a polite way to say sadly, like if you must regretfully decline an invitation to the garden party.

    1. Great job,G! Wow! Very impressive work! Keep learning!