Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Correct Pronouns

In the following sentences choose the proper form from the words in italics.
  1. My brother and I / me drove to the east end of the town.
  2. Between you and I /me things are doubtful.
  3. May James and I/ me go to the circus?
  4. Will you permit James and I /me to go to the play?
  5. Who made that noise? Only I/ me.
  6. He introduced us all, I/ me among the rest.
  7. He promised to bring candy to Helen and I/ me.
  8. Was it I/ me that you asked for?
  9. Who spoke? I/ me.
 10. I am taken to be he/ him.
 11. No, it could not have been me/ I.
 12. All have gone but you and I/ me.
 13. You suffer more than me/ I.
 14. Everyone has failed in the examination except you and I/ me.
 15. He asked you and I/ me to come to his office.
 16. See if there is any mail for Mary and me/ I.
 17. Neither you nor I/ me can teach the class.
 18. They think it to be I/ me.
 19 I did not see that it was her/ she.
 20. It is in fact he/ him.
 21. He still believes it to be them/ they.
 22. Between you and I /me, it is my opinion that him/ he and John  will disagree.
 23. We saw John and she/ her; we know it was them/ they.
 24. I did not speak of either you or she/ her.
 25. Our cousins and we/ us are going to the Art Gallery.
 26. Aunt Mary has asked our cousins and us/ we to take dinner at her house.
 27. They are more eager than we/ us since they have not seen her for a long time.
 28.We /us boys are going to the ball game.
 29. The teacher told you and I/ me to stay.
 30. The teacher told you and him/ he to stay.
 31. The teacher told you and she/ her to stay.
 32. There are many miles between England and we/ us.
 33. They can't play the game better than we/ us.
 34. It is unpleasant for such as they/ them to witness such things.
 35. You are nearly as strong as him/ he.
 36. All were present but John and he/ him.
 37. Father believed it was she/ her.
 38. Mother knew it to be her/ she.
 39. It was either he/ him or she/ her that called.
 40. Because of his/ him being young, they tried to shield him.
 41. She told John and me/ I to study.
 42. My father allowed my brother and her/ she to go.
 43. My brother and she/ her were allowed to go by my father.
 44. Turn not away from him/ he that is needy.
 45. Neither Frances nor she/ her was at fault.
 46. The property goes to they/ them.
 47. He thought it was her/ she, but it was him/ he and William who did it.
 48. It was through she/ her that word came to me/ I.
 49. I thought it was her/ she.
 50. I wish you were more like he/ him.
 51. I thought it to be she/ her.
 52.  You are as skillful as she/ her.
 53. We escorted her mother and her/ she to the station.
 54. She/ her and I/ me are going on the boat.
 55. If any are late it will not be us/ we.
 56. They/ them and their children have gone abroad.
 57. It was not they/ them.
 58.   It could not have been him/ he.
 59. Let them/ they come at once.
 60. Will he let us/ we  go?
 61. Can it be she/ her?

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