Friday, April 21, 2017

Vocabulary Task

embark on

1.     One of the rotten _____ came   flying through the kitchen window, and hit the youngest Flopsy Bunny.
2.     Dr Withering heard about _____ from a patient.
3.     Even in our religious services we go back to _____.
4.     Because the Norseman very much disliked the bitter, cruel cold of the long winter, his heaven was a warm, well-fired abode, and his place of punishment one of the terrible _____.
5.     On the other hand, the eastern mind, which knew the terrors of a _____ land and of a heat that was torture, had for a hell fiery place of constantly burning flames.
6.     The writer will feel that her object has been gained should any readers of these stories feel that for a little while they have left the _____ utilitarianism of the present day behind them, and, with it, its hampering restrictions of sordid actualities that are so murderous to imagination and to all romance.
7.     But even as Prometheus ____ bore the cruelties as pain, of heat and of cold, of hunger and of thirst, and the tortures inflicted by an obscene bird of prey, so have endured the men of our nation and of those nations with whom we are proud to be allied.
8.     Many people are uncomfortable when they hear a dog howling after dark, because their ancestors for many centuries believed that the howling of a dog was _____.
9.     The fate was a terrible, _____, passionless person with supreme power over gods and men.
10.                         The 24- year – old Kiwi has just left his job in Auckland to _____ a two-month tour of New Zealand, with the aim of capturing all of the Pokemon just  released on smartphone game Pokemon Go.

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