Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Grammar Practice

In the following list of sentences:
(1) Determine the part of speech of every word.
(2) Classify every sentence as simple, complex, or compound.
  1. Houses are built of wood, brick, stone, and other materials,  and are constructed in various styles.
  2. The path of glory leads but to the grave.
  3. We gladly accepted the offer which he made.
  4. I am nearly ready, and will soon join you.
  5. There are few men who do not try to be honest.
  6. Men may come, and men may go, but I go on forever.
  7. He works hard, and rests little.
  8. She is still no better, but we hope that there will be a change.
  9. Let each speak for himself.
 10. It was I who told him to go.
 11. To live an honest life should be the aim of every one.
 12. Who it really was no one knew, but all believed it to have been him.
 13. In city and in country people think very differently.
 14. To be or not to be, that is the question.
 15. In truth, I think that I saw his  brother in that place.
 16. By a great effort he managed to make headway against the current.
 17. Beyond this, I have nothing to say.
 18. That we are never too old to learn is a true saying.
 19. Full often wished he that the wind might rage.
 20. Lucky is he who has been educated to bear his fate.
 21. It is I whom you see.
 22. The study of history is a study that demands a well-trained memory.
 23. Beyond the city limits the trains run more rapidly than they do here.
 24. Alas! I can travel no more.
 25. A lamp that smokes is a torture to one who wants to study.

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