Monday, April 10, 2017


Change the following expressions from the prepositional phrase form to the possessive:
  1. The ships of Germany and France.
  2. The garden of his mother and sister.
  3. The credit of Jackson & Jones.
  4. The signature of the president of the firm.
  5. The coming of my grandfather.
  6. The lives of our friends.
  7. The dog of both John and William.
  8. The dog of John and the dog of William.
  9. The act of anybody else.
 10. The shortcomings of Alice.
 11. The poems of Robert Burns.
 12. The wives of Henry the Eighth.
 13. The home of Mary and Martha.
 14. The novels of Dickens and the novels of Scott.
 15. The farm of my mother and of my father.
 16. The recommendation of Superintendent Norris.

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